domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

The Top 20 Consumer Insights specialized consultancies

This is my favorite list of consultancies with innovative methodologies for insights generation and consumer knowledge. It is not an exhaustive list but is expected to state the methodologies and techniques that are clearly innovative and/or substantive within the consumer insights industry.

Las consultoras líderes en generación de insights del consumidor: ¿quiénes son y qué ofrecen?

As a recently launched consultancy, we expect to satisfy also these criteria in the near future. Consumer Insights – Desnudando la mente del consumidor is a non-traditional consulting firm that helps organizations to take a strategic approach to innovation through consumer deep understanding & insights generation. Consumer Insights uses nontraditional techniques & methodologies to identify actionable consumer insights and consumer-inspired new products, services and marketing strategies. Our company offer consumer insights consulting, research and training services.

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