martes, 13 de enero de 2009

The New Consumer and the Top 10 Consumer Trends / El Nuevo Consumidor y las 10 Principales Tendencias del Consumo

I prepared this deck for my first Consumer Behavior class in the Master of Marketing in ESAN University ( I started to think about the big consumer trends and changes in the marketplace. After reviewing some expert´s perspective, my own experience talking, watching and researching consumer, and the cultural & social megatrends, I arrive to these "top consumer trends":
  1. Consumers are increasingly volatile and unfaithful (The "Click Consumer)
  2. An empowered consumer (from "Super-man" to "Super-consumer)
  3. An irrational and complex consumer ("the hybrid consumer")
  4. A desperately seeker of affection ("a hug seeker, desesperated household)
  5. A technologically connected consumer ("Techno-consumer)
  6. A trend Hunter ("Cool Hunter")
  7. An active producer of knowledge and ideas ("Prosumer")
  8. A multicultural and multiracial consumer ("Etnoconsumer")
  9. Individualistic, narcissus and hedonistic ("just-for-me" consumer)
  10. Consumers looking for health and wellness (“back to the basics”).

The main marketing implications are included and also some examples of the international an local market (Perú).
I hope you enjoy! Cristina

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